Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pinterest and My Favorite Summer Beauty Products!

I know, I know- I promised plenty of posts once finals were over and I haven't updated. I have some great posts in the works- it just took me a while to recover from finals. Now that summer fun is in full swing, posts will be coming!

Something new that I'm adding to the blog is a pinterest page- follow me as I discover new beauty finds this summer, along with a few other things I discover while I enjoy my time off. Since pinterest doesn't require a huge post every time I pin something, my boards will be updated pretty frequently.

So which beauty products am I loving for the summer so far? See my Pinterest for these products and more!

1. Urban Decay- All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. Why? In the humid weather of DC, makeup melt is inevitable. This setting spray keeps your makeup in place despite the sweating and subsequent wiping that follows. This spray has kept my makeup intact through almost every sort of makeup melting situation and is AMAZING.
2. Benefit Cosmetics- You Rebel tinted moisturizer. Why? Nobody likes to be covered in layers of foundation during the hot summer months. Foundation looks TERRIBLE in the sun and doesn't look too hot when sweating either. So what is one to do? Use a tinted moisturizer- you get sheer coverage without the cakey look of foundation. Once we all get tan, a sheer coverage moisturizer is all we need for a flawless finish. This one is one of my favorites- it has aloe in it, which keeps your skin supple and moisturized without feeling too heavy, and it contains SPF to provide much needed protection from the sun's rays. I pair this this a light dusting of face powder, cream blush and mascara for an effortless daytime look in the summer.
3. Aveeno- Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion with SPF 100+ for Face. Why? Everyone heads to the beach or the pool once the weather gets hot, especially in the northeast after the long winter months. In all of that excitement, don't forget to protect your skin, especially your face! I like to use this one because it doesn't sting on the sensitive skin around my eyes and doesn't feel too greasy because it is oil-free. Also, it provides broad spectrum protection, which is key to protecting your face from harmful rays that eventually lead to dreaded wrinkles. This comes in various levels of SPF, but I like to use the highest one because my face always tends to get darker than the rest of my body in the summer.
4. Bright Nail Polish- any brand! Why? This is the time to bring out those neon brights and vibrant shades! I like to try daring neons or bright colors on my toes- treat yourself to a fun pedicure! Nothing is cuter than a gorgeous bright pedicure in open toe shoes. Don't ignore your hands though- try a slightly muted version on your hands. Right now, I'm wearing hot pink on my toes and a watermelon color on my nails- both are in the same color family so they don't look disjointed, but my toes are in party mode while my fingernails are still appropriate for work. My suggestions? Try Wet n' Wild Wild Shine in Red Red and Lavender Creme (total misnomer- this color is the hot pink I'm wearing on my toes), Wet n' Wild Megalast in Club Havana (peachy sorbet), Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Racey Rouge (the watermelon color I have on my hands) and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty (a bright banana color to try on your toes!).

Sorry this post was light on pictures, but I promise the next few will be picture heavy with swatches of some new products I've been trying out.
Stay fabulous!

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