Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: Spring Nails by L'Oreal!

Hello my beautiful ladies! I am back with a new review- FINALLY!

L'Oreal Color Riche in Butterfly Kisses
So sorry for being MIA- it got to be that time of the semester when things get ridiculously busy and weekends no longer exist! I know I am seriously behind on blog posts, but the good thing is I have been trying a whole bunch of new stuff and playing around with different makeup looks. I promise- there is some good stuff on the way. I am still waiting on getting my camera fixed so I can stop taking pictures with my iPhone (which is great but not ideal for makeup looks). Once I get that squared away, keep a lookout for makeup looks! Onto my lovely spring nail polish review....

I am OBSESSED with the new Color Riche line from L'Oreal- the colors are so chic and there are so many beautiful shades available. I picked up two colors that were perfect for the sudden appearance of Spring! Butterfly Kisses is a gorgeous sheer lilac+lavender shade with a slightly iridescent finish. It looks opaque, but it goes on sheer and I used 3 coats (1 light first coat and 2 heavier coats on top) to get my desired opacity.

With flash- really shows off the sheer quality and the shimmer!
The Color Riche line promises "intense color; luxurious shine and 10-day wear." The intensity of the color is subjective- I had to use several coats to really get the color seen in the bottle. However, the other shade I purchased (review coming soon!) went on really intensely in one coat. I think this claim depends on what color you decide to go with.

The level of shine is about the same as any other quality nail polish- I'm so used to using a high shine top coat that I can't really tell whether the actual nail polish is shinier compared to others. The finish, however, is lovely- very smooth and rich. I HATE streaky nail polishes, which tends to be a huge problem with lighter color shades and only get worse as you layer them. This goes on smooth and does not streak. Yay!

10-day wear: I doubt any nail polish meets this challenge- unless you do absolutely nothing with your hands! I kept this on for about a week- longer than I usually do- and it was barely chipped by the time I took it off, even with all the typing, dishwashing, showering and other nail destroying activities I take part in. It is durable, but I doubt it would last for 10 whole days in mint condition.

All in all, Butterfly Kisses is a lovely addition to any nail polish collection, especially for Spring. It's a pretty color, but it goes with pretty much any outfit you decide to wear. I love that versatility! Be sure to add a beautiful punchy color to your daily look to celebrate all the lovely colors of Spring!

Stay beautiful!


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