Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: New! Revlon "After Hours" Nail Polish

I'm sure many of you have noticed a lovely new Revlon nail polish display at your local drug store or beauty supply store. The sleek packaging and gorgeous colors caught my eye and, this time, I chose to have the winter blues; After Hours rich navy blue to be exact!

This color is part of the new Color Riche nail collection and promises to a "unique formula that delivers intense color, luxurious 10-day wear"- check out all of the colors here. After Hours is definitely a highly pigmented, "intense" color that was promised in the marketing. It didn't require a top coat, but the color really popped once I added one. As for the "10-day wear" promise, I can't say for sure that it delivers because I didn't wear it for 10 days, but I did notice a little bit of wear at the tips 3 or 4 days later. I think that's pretty standard for all nail colors considering how much abuse our poor nails face day to day (intense typing, constant exposure to water and soap, etc.) and I highly doubt that it would remain immaculate 10 days after application. Regardless, After Hours is the perfect dark blue to compliment your winter wardrobe!

After Hours such a gorgeous, rich blue color! It's vibrant and is a great way to wear a trendy color that is still appropriate to wear to work or school. Adding a top coat to it really adds beautiful shine and gives it a chic, glossy finish. Since it is such a bold color, I recommend filing your nails down as short as you can because this can go from chic to shriek really quickly on long nails. 

As for the application, the brush is a little narrower than I like, but the application was quite smooth and even. I applied two coats to get the level of opaqueness I wanted. One coat will give you a slightly lighter navy color, but it will be streaky, so you will need another coat. Keep a small brush and nail polish remover handy; the key to this look is to have clean edges! When cleaning up any messy edges, be sure to really douse your brush in the polish remover because the color is so pigmented, it requires a little more remover to clean edges properly.

Stay Glamorous!

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