Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Forever 21 Blushes

Whenever I find a new line of make up, I can't help but try it out, regardless of where I find it. I randomly ventured into my local Forever 21 and saw a rather large make up section and, of course, I made a bee line for it. I picked up three blushes- Cream Cheek Blush in Coral and two Leopard Cheek Color Blushes Pink/Brown and Peach/Brown.

Pink/Brown Leopard Cheek Color
Peach/Brown Leopard Cheek Color
The two Leopard Cheek colors are definitely modeled after the Too Faced Leopard bronzers and blushes.

Although these blushes look like the Too Faced Leopard powders, they are definitely are not the same quality. I guess that is to be expected considering they were less than $3 each (with the exception of my favorite affordable brand, ELF) because they were really chalky and really broke up in the pan when I used a blush brush. The colors look really nice in the pan, but I found that they didn't really show up on my skin. When I tried to build the color, I ended up with a chalky finish that looked really unnatural. 

I can see these working nicely on porcelain/fair skin because the bronzer color is light enough for that skin type and wouldn't require multiple applications to build color. However, for anyone with medium skin and darker, I wouldn't recommend it because you need to apply several layers to get the colors to show. 

If you just want to use this as a shimmer bronze- the Peach/Brown works nicely to add warm shimmer on top of blush or bronzer you have already applied to your cheeks if you have golden undertones. Those that have pink or reddish undertones can use the Pink/Brown for the same effect. 

Coral Cream Cheek Blush
The cream blush in Coral, however, turned out to be a pleasant surprise! It is smooth in consistency and had a matte finish. It was easy to build color and blend.

Swatch, not blended

Swatch, blended
I LOVE this color- peaches, corals and apricots are a great alternative to using pink blushes in the winter to warm up your complexion. Also, it is a great color to use year round because it is so natural and warm. 

This $1.50 blush is an amazing find! For such a low price, it really has amazing color pay off, blends well and is a universally beautiful color. For my fellow brownies, this color really brings out the golden undertones in our tan-dark skin tones and really adds warmth and depth. A must buy!

Stay Glamorous!!

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