Saturday, January 21, 2012

Legally Beautiful: Revlon Nude Nails!

Check out my new series, "Legally Beautiful," which will highlight makeup looks, nail polish ideas and fashion tips for professional ladies that work in a conservative environment, but still want to look appropriately glamorous and polished. More info after the jump...and a gorgeous nude nail look courtesy of Revlon's Endless Possibilities!

This is going to be a new series on my blog- thanks to the amazing SH for the idea! One of the dilemmas ladies in the professional field face is how to follow the conservative rules of the workplace and still maintain a sense of style. As you may (or may not) know, I'm currently a second year law student and am always working in some sort of legal office/professional environment. I LOVE having the opportunity to get out of my usual jeans and sweater school look and dress up for a change when I work. However, I always have to make a conscious effort to strike a balance between looking stylish and polished (and appropriate) all at the same time. As much as a I hate it, I just can't wear a bright pink lip to work! I'm so jealous of SH, who works in fashion, and gets to sport all kinds of trendy looks because, not only is it appropriate, it's expected! She told me about a co-worker that rocks a lovely cat eye with red lips and I immediately felt sorry for my poor red lipsticks that are being neglected on a daily basis :(

So, in this series, I will try to give all of you professional ladies (especially those of us that work in more conservative environments) out there suggestions for a more stylish and modern look that is still totally appropriate to wear to work. Mostly, I'll focus on makeup and nail looks, but I will definitely try to throw in some fashion tips as well. We've all seen the totally inappropriate intern that wears a skirt that's too short and a top that's too low. I promise- there is a way to avoid looking frumpy without looking like the infamous "skintern" and I will try my best to share how I wear modern trends to work!

Enough rambling, let's get started!

Believe it or not, messy nails are incredibly noticeable in an office setting. Someone either sees them while you are typing or, worse, when you are pointing something out on a document with a chipped nail. Clean and well manicured nails add polish to your overall look and nude nails are always a safe bet. The classic pinky nude can be easily achieved with Essie's staple "Sugar Daddy" or the perennial "Ballet Slippers" or the multitude of other pink based nudes that Essie makes so beautifully. I wanted to try something different- a more peach based nude that makes more of a color statement, but is still classy and understated.

Revlon to the rescue! For my first day of work this semester, I decided to try out Revlon's Endless Possibilities. The name is so appropriate- the outfit combinations that can be worn with this nail color are truly endless. Plus, it works really well in day-to-night looks because it is so neutral, yet versatile.

Without Flash.
As you can see, the color is just GORGEOUS! The peach base really adds something different to the traditional nude nails look. The application is amazing, as you would expect with Revlon, and I used two coats to get the opaque look I was going for. Add a glossy top coat and you are ready to go!

With Flash.
This color really pops with a black suit and really gives your nails a clean and polished look with a hint of color. Want to change it up on Friday night? Add a thin black line on the tips of your nails for an untraditional french manicure. This makes for a great base for glittery top coats as well. I love that this color is so versatile and allows you to go from work to play in one easy step!

Tip- since we all do a lot of typing ALL day, every day, make sure to use a good base coat and top coat to really increase the longevity of your nail color. I use Orly's Bonder as a base coat and Orly's In a Snap as a top coat. Reapply a top coat every couple of days to keep your manicure fresh the whole week!

Stay tuned for a light grey smokey eye look that can be worn to work or class during the day and easily darkened for an evening out with co-workers or friends!

Stay Glamorous (even if you're at work)!

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