Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preview of what's to come!

Welcome to my blog! It'll be full of reviews of high end and low end beauty products, including make-up, nail polish, skin care and hair care! I'll also include hauls from sales because I can't help a good sale and sharing all of my goodies. Also, I'll include random thoughts on some of my other favorite things- jewelry, seasonal trends in clothes and shoes, books and shows that I get to read/watch in my very limited free time.
Feel free to leave comments about more of what you want to see!
Here's a preview of some of the products I'll be reviewing/raving about (love those Vince Camuto shoes!) in the near future (once finals are over!):

Just a small preview!

High and low end blushes and highlighters

Can you figure out what that small black product is? It's one of my new Faves!
That spider is a miracle worker!
First leisure read for winter break

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