Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CVS 75% off Sale

I stopped by CVS to pick up some finals essentials- coffee grinds, milk and chips, only to find a girl putting 50% and 75% off stickers on items in the make up aisle! I hovered around her like the beauty junkie that I am and saw that she was labeling some Revlon Colorburst lipsticks (LOVE!) and Liquid Lip Colors. Also, I saw stickers on some L'oreal HIP eyeshadows, a few Maybelline face powders.

I'll head back to check those out tomorrow, but I wanted to give you a heads up! Also, check out one of my favorite blogs, Nouveau Cheap, for a comprehensive list of sale items people have picked up at various locations. Remember, each store has different items on sale, but most have a good number of the same items on sale. Also, a neat trick- sometimes, they don't label all the items on sale. If you spot something on that list you like and don't see a sale sticker, scan it! You never know, it just might be on sale!

Also, Revlon has lip products (and I think nail products) BOGO 50% off! I spotted those Lip Butters EVERYONE has been going nuts over and picked up 4- Tutti Frutti, Red Velvet, Cherry Tart and Berry Smoothie. They had the display all the way up on a shelf- I totally pulled that thing down and went through it in the middle of the aisle haha I had to see what all the buzz was about! So- if you don't spot it in the main display or on a floor display, LOOK UP! 

I also spotted the Revlon Expressionists fall collection by Gucci Westman. Those of you who fallow fashion weeks and runway shows will know Gucci Westman, make up artist extraordinaire and the Global Artistic Director for Revlon. One of nail colors in her new fall collection for Revlon is called "Facets of Fuschia" and this color has been getting a lot of buzz on blogs, and for good reason! It's a really REALLY close dupe of the beautiful Deborah Lippman nail polish "Bad Romance." See a side by side comparison here. Considering Lippman colors can run you close to $18, the Revlon alternative is AMAZING, especially because I got it at CVS for $4.99! 

For those of you that are just as obsessed as I am with nail polish, but don't like spending a ridiculous amount of money on them, here is another famous dupe: Revlon's Perplex (now being repromoted as "Naughty" as part of the permanent collection) is an amazing dupe of Chanel's Paradoxal. See a swatch of Perplex here and a swatch of Paradoxal here. I bought two bottles just because I was afraid it would never come back! Luckily, Revlon responded to the frenzy over Perplex and is repromoting it as "Naughty." Whether you think it's a close dupe or not, the color is GORGEOUS! 

One last thing about nail polish- 10 Professional Nail Lacquer is also on sale, 75% off! I got two colors, "The Little Black Dress" and "Forget-Me-Not" for $1.19! The first shade is a classic black polish, something I have never tried (should be interesting!) and the second is a shimmery nude. Look for swatches in my next post. Also, I picked up Wet n Wild's two pack for $1.99 which is a great deal- it contains "Party of Five Glitters" which is a fabulous multi-color glitter polish and a Fast Dry top coat. Again, swatches to follow. 

Since I have one more final left, I didn't include any pictures this time, but I just had to share the CVS sale with all of you! Reviews and swatches of all products are coming in the next few days!

Stay Beautiful!

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