Monday, December 19, 2011

Cherry Culture Haul/Review

I got a great surprise today- my Cherry Culture order arrived! I hope you took advantage of the sale and the discount code, because I sure did!

I purchased four NYX products: Glitter Cream Palette in #05 "Bronze Goddess"; Studio Liquid Liner in SLL 101 "Extreme Blue"; Jumbo Eye Pencil in 601 "Black Bean" and Soft Matte Lip Cream in SMLC 01 "Amsterdam" along with two L.A. Colors products: Auto (eye) Liner in AE665 "White" and Jumbo Eye Pencil in CP 407 "Desert Sun."

The first product I just had to try was the gorgeous electric blue NYX liquid liner. I've been looking for the perfect electric blue liner for ages and always ended up disappointed every time- UNTIL NOW! Wow this liner is exactly what I was looking for!
Applicator- with Flash
With Flash
Without Flash
Just look at that color payoff! Wow! Use this liner to get the eye look Rihanna sported at an award show- the pairing of this eye liner with a black liner on the bottom lid and hot pink lips was to die for!

The next two products are the two jumbo eye pencils- "Desert Sun" by L.A. Colors is on the left and "Black Bean" by NYX is on the right.
With Flash
Without Flash
The NYX jumbo pencils are a beauty favorite both because these pencils are creamy and easy to blend and they make for excellent bases for intense eye looks. Black Bean is no exception- the texture is perfect to blend with and the color is great for creating smokey eye looks. Also, adding black as a base can intensify many other colors, such as bright purples and greens. It sounds weird, but believe me it works! Still don't believe me? Check out the amazing Kandee Johnson's bright purple eye tutorial here. Instead of using an eye liner like her, you can use Black Bean, which I think is a little easier to blend.

I usually don't buy L.A. Colors products, but I might have to change that habit because this lovely golden eye pencil is AMAZING. Again, use it as a base or on its own- either way, it looks beautiful. For my fellow South Asian/all shades of Tan ladies, this color especially pops on our darker lids. Of course, it's a great deep gold color for all skin shades, but I think it will especially look nice on those with warm/olive undertones. Pair this pencil with dark browns for a daytime smokey look or dress it up with dark olive/dark brown shadows and a heavy black liner for a sultry evening look.

Next, I tried the NYX Glitter Palette in "Bronze Goddess."
With Flash
Without Flash
I love love LOVE sparkly eye makeup- especially with a simple black dress or plain black top. It adds a certain something to an otherwise simple outfit. When I first saw these, however, I wasn't sure if I was daring enough to try them. Just look at how glittery they are! These come in 12 different shades, including the one I bought. They range from the ultra bright to more neutral shades, like the one above.  Overall, love this and can't wait to use it! The glitter is finely milled and won't look chunky or tacky on your eyes. My suggestion- go light at first and slowly build the amount of glitter to your liking.
The swatches below go from right to left in the palette.

As you can see, the glitter color payoff is super intense- NYX wasn't messing around with these palettes- when they said you get glitter, they meant it! However, I didn't find any cream in the palette. The name says that it's a cream palette, but when I swiped my finger across the colors, all I got was loose glitter. Maybe under the top layer there will be some sort of cream base because the glitter isn't really loose (like a loose glitter in a jar), it's more of a packed glitter. If you get a palette like mine, use eye glitter glue, a fixing liquid (like Mac's Fix+ or ELF's Lock and Set) or just plain old Visine (dab your brush into a small amount of Visine- it gets the glitter to adhere to your lid). If you get a creamier palette, still set the glitter with any of the above because I see potential for a lot of fall out and nothing is worse than glitter ALL OVER your face.

Next, I tried L.A. Colors Auto Liner in White. This is perfect for lining your bottom lid- white (or flesh colored liners) open up smaller eyes. This is especially good for smokey eye looks on smaller eyes (and eyes of all sizes in general)- the darkness of a smokey eye can make eyes appear smaller and lining the inside of your bottom lid with white liner will counteract that effect.

I LOVE this liner! I've tried white liner before and absolutely hated it because the white was so stark that it looked unbelievably fake and weird. This liner is not a stark white- it's a muted, almost off-white color that will look fairly natural on your waterline. I definitely recommend this and at $1.50, it's a total steal!

Last, but certainly not the least, is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. If you follow AndreasChoice on youtube (if you don't, go watch her videos immediately!), you saw this lip color in her recent video on her December myglam bag. Myglam is a great site where you get monthly samples of (and some full size) beauty products and is run by five popular youtube beauty gurus. Check it out here. This month's bag included this lip color (but I ordered mine from Cherry Culture because I didn't order my subscription yet) and it is GORGE!

Immediately after application- the finish is Matte- my lip looks shiny here because of the flash.
3 hours later...still there!
After I watched Andrea's video where she used this lip color, I just had to order it. Unfortunately, my camera wasn't picking up just how vibrant this color really is. It's a little more on the darker fuchsia side (it looks a little more pink in my pictures) and is very VERY intense. Tip- whiten your teeth before using a color this intense- colors like this have a tendency to draw attention to any hint of yellow you might have on your teeth and intensifies it.

This lip color is both creamy and soft AND matte all at the same time....who knew that was even possible!?! What I hate the most about matte lip colors is how drying they can be and, on my slightly dry lips, how nasty they get after a couple of hours. This lip color is my matte savior! After three hours, the color was still pretty bright (again, sorry you can't tell in my pictures just how bright it is) and didn't dry my lips out AT ALL. I did put on a thin layer of lip balm before I applied the lip creme, but that was so the color didn't settle into the lines on my lips. I definitely didn't need to reapply it and it didn't make my lips crack or flake. All in all, LOVE this and will absolutely buy more colors (10 more colors to choose from)!

Hope you enjoyed this haul/review! As always, feel free to leave comments below!

P.S.- just a disclaimer- I bought all of these products on my own, with my own $$ and was not asked by any of these companies to endorse these products! I just happened to love them because they are awesome :)

 Stay fabulous!

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